Ancient Scriptures Explain Dark Matter/Energy 

Dark Matter is 75% of total matter in the universe, say Srimad Bhagavatam(SB 2.6.20) Dark matter around 80% of total matter in Modern science. Yes, a minor error of 5% incurred here. But  Bhagavatam is written 5000 years ago!
The scientists say they cannot observe the entire material universe in its fullness because there is a subtle material energy they cannot detect they call dark matter and dark energy, that makes up over 95% of the material universe.
Is any force in the center, then all that appears from him and moves towards the shell, also is dark energy appears in the center?Is this part of Brahmam (The Force)?
A mysterious quantity known as dark energy makes up nearly three-fourths of the universe (current estimates ~ 68.3%), yet scientists are unsure not only what it is but how it operates. How, then, can they know this strange source exists?
The other approximately one fourth of the universe that the Srimad Bhagavatam talks about —the material realm “in which all the living entities exist” — apparently consists of two parts. Dark matter and “normal” matter. Dark matter makes up most of the matter in the Universe.
There are many Cosmologists and physicists who claim they do not know what the other 95.1% of the material universe is made of and can only refer to it as dark energy and dark matter.
As ancient scriptures like the Vedas tell us, there are two aspects to the material universe, the first feature is known as the gross material energy that we see all around us through the medium of our biological body that is also gross material energy, and the second is the subtle material energy that is also occupied by planetary systems, civilizations and living entities but is not perceived from the gross material biological platform by the material scientists.
The subtle aspect of the universe is unknown to the instruments of modern science although many people have experienced this subtle energy on a personal level; after all, all of us also have an underlining subtle material body that is further covered by the grosser biological material body which in fact moves all biological vessels in the gross material dimension of the universe taking up only 4.9% of the material creation.
This gross biological covering is so thick that for most of us (except for advanced yogis, devotees and sages), blocks out our ability to perceive or acknowledge the subtle material universe that exists all around us taking up 95.1% of the material creation, therefore our so-called advanced technology that we foolishly think is advanced, is only seeing a very, very small portion of the entire material universe.
Our sages also claimed that – these different universes are formed with different matter particles but, our sense organs fail to catch them all due to their own limitations. Some of these universes intersect and the universe we live in – in fact is sharing the ‘void’ [not space! – the concept of space belongs to our universe] with some other universe, i.e., there is some other universe within the universe we live in but, we fail to notice it with our sense organs. The scriptures claim that there are life forms or beings in some of these invisible universes too.
The most recent research shows that the dark energy and dark matter are the two sides of the same coin as is the manifested energy and matter of the present universe. If you want to know about the connection between two dark sides instead of going through scanty research works that exist in physics to the day you should go through 5000 years old Hindu epic the Devi Bhagabat.
Aadishakti, Dark Energy, Dark Mother? Andrea Vecchione, Ph.D. The nature of this “Dark Energy” is still a mystery. While it holds an enormous intrigue for scientists and astronomers, there are compelling parallels to the visions and cosmology of the ancient world. As we learn more and more, will science and religion intersect? Are we telling in our own way, a story that has been told in cultures that never dreamed of the telescope? What are the parallels between what the Hindu texts describe as Aadishakti and Buddhist texts describe as “the void” and what contemporary scientists are discovering?
“Where from do all these worlds come? They come from space. All beings arise from space, and into space they return: space is indeed their beginning, and space is their final end.” The Upanishad.
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