Donate to Create Value

If you have a good heart to help this venture financially, we respectfully bow to you.

Let’s create value for the money you spend. Let’s invest in our future generation so that our children and grandchildren may live happily and peacefully. Let them know the art and science of living as ordained by Dharma.
Value is multi-fold when we spread awareness and light. It’s said that Gifting Knowledge is more important than any other form of donation! (Vidya Danam Mahadanam).
That’s Good Karma. Such investment will bring you more Punya (divine blessings) than spending in blind beliefs and superstitions.


How does it work?

For every paisa/cent/penny you donate we will distribute books/education materials equivalent to that amount.

We can send these books either to the address (addresses) provided by you or to any community, libraries, educational institutions, groups, trusts, companies that you suggest.

If you wish, we can also send the books to people who cannot afford it.

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