Mission and Vision

Prachodayat – To illumine


In the present, the world is facing acute and clear danger. The threat posed is akin to attack of deadly viruses which would destroy our future generations and eventually the whole of humanity. These viruses are nothing but blind faiths, irrational beliefs, lopsided concepts and deceptive ideologies.
Unfortunately, these viruses have already demonstrably widespread throughout the world and have almost accomplished their most prized mission of devouring the only hope of peace and happiness for the world – the ONLY inclusive and non-discriminatory way of life the world has ever known – Sanatana Dharma…

Tragically, Sanatan Dharma is rapidly vanishing from the earth’s surface owing to the continuous onslaught from ignorant people within Hinduism and outside of it…
Scientific Education has always been given great prominence in Indian society since the times of the Vedic civilization. Indian continent was the seat of world wisdom with 34 universities including Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramashila, Valabhi etc.


The destruction of scientific culture started from 1193 CE during the invasion of India by the fanatic barbarians. From then the dark age of blind faiths, superstitions, and malpractices gripped our sub-continent. Later, the so-called intelligentsia of die-hard fans of invaders, evangelists and anti-human ideologies in the guise of liberal secularism began brainwashing Indians to make sure that they feel ashamed of their traditional science and wisdom. It continues in the modern world too…
Any sane minded society wouldn’t want its future generation to wilfully die at the hands of agencies spreading blind beliefs and darkness.
Just like a vast space of darkness is eliminated by the light spread by a small wick, the darkness spread by wrong beliefs can be dispelled by light cast by truth.


In essence, the mission of ‘Prachodayat’ is to illumine, to shed light on truth and science of the one and only eternal Dharma that is the Sanatana Dharma. By teaching this science to the younger generation, Prachodayat envisions to create a future world filled of enlightened beings that will tread the path of truth, wisdom and peace.

In order to help the youngsters reconnect to the abundant scared wisdom of creating self- awareness devised by our ancestors, Prachodayat aims to publish and distribute books and materials related to science of Sanatana Dharma…

We urge you, the parent, the elder, the grandparent, the well-wisher, whichever role you are engaged in to help us spread awareness among the younger generation. Let us prepare you to answer your children’s questions related to Sanatana Dharma on a scientific, logic and rational basis…

You and we together shall create an illumined generation next embedded in Sanatan Dharma that will lead the world in a peaceful non-violent way rooting out the hate mongers and fundamentalists, who die and kill for their blind beliefs. As a team we will help create heaven on earth. For, the heaven is just a psychological space and we ourselves are the creators of heaven or hell.

We humbly request you to walk alongside with us to propagate Santana Dharma amongst the young and thereby illumine the world!

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There are many websites and initiatives for beliefs, traditions, functions, rituals, scriptures and spirituality – but this website will be focusing on India’s scientific tradition.