One of the prime purposes of Prachodayat initiative is to publish books related to Sanatana Dharma, Science and Well-being. Let’s present ancient literature in such a way as to make it relevant practical and useful in today’s world.

All the proceeds from these books will go towards research activities related to Santana Dharma. This book is a part of a series, for all those who want to learn and teach the Science of Santana Dharma to the future generation.
Humbly requesting you to write reviews and talk to your friends and relatives about this venture. There will be like-minded people among them.

The first book is the most popular title of Udaylal Pai – a compilation of his 30 years of writing on Dharma – “Why Am I a Hindu?” (The Science of Sanatana Dharma). He has spent his time, efforts, hard-work and money to create articles related to India’s scientific tradition. All the proceeds of his book will go to research. For the time being income from this is the sole funding for the project.

Let’s plan many more books and invite authors who are ready to volunteer.

Why Am I a Hindu?

The Science of Sanatan Dharma

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