Relativity Theory in Puranas

Bhagavat Purana communicates the relativity of time: “… One’s life endures for only one hundred years, in terms of the times in the different planets… Eternal time is certainly the controller of different dimensions, from that of the atom up to the super-divisions of the duration of Brahmā’s life; but, nevertheless, it is controlled by the Supreme.
Time can control only those who are body conscious, even up to the Satyaloka or the other higher planets of the universe.”
Mass vs Energy : In various scientific discussions on Mass vs Energy as to which existed first. As of now, within the 10^-43 seconds precision, of the big bang timeline, matter needs energy to form, and neutrons and protons came after 3 seconds. There weren’t even quarks or other fundamental particles until the first second had elapsed.
According to Srimad Devi Bhagwat Purana Adi Shakti is nothing but foremost energy, who is the very first requisite for existence of universe.
Space-Time in science compared with the sankalpa in Hinduism – before starting a ritual we do sankalpa where we identify ourselves first by telling which time we are from(In the 51st year of Brahma, and in the Kaliyuga and so and so) and in the land of Bharath to the south of Meru(denoting space) and we also tell the relative position of the earth with respect to sun.

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